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Modern Slavery Exists

Do you suspect a young student of being trafficked? Can you write down the vehicle license plate of someone you suspect is the driving pimp? See a new tattoo/ink of ownership on a teen’s body?

Step up. If you suspect it, report it! Do not stand idly by!


Social Media Dangers Exposed by Mom Posing as 11-Year-Old


Stop Sex Trafficking

For #humantrafficking victims, the stories often begin the same way. Let’s change the ending. Visit…

Mega thanks to the police forces that are actively rescuing young women and arresting the traffickers. Beware of the ROMEOs!

Toronto Crime Stoppers – Online Grooming/Human Trafficking

Toronto Crime Stoppers

ATTENTION: This video is the property of the Toronto Crime Stoppers program. It depicts specifically one of many ways someone could become victimized through human trafficking, as such Toronto Crime Stoppers with the assistance of the Toronto Police Services Human Trafficking Unit asks that anyone wishing to facilitate a presentation/lecture using this video call our office to have the FAQ documents sent to them. This video should not be shared with youth without a conversation in regards to online safety. Please feel free to share our link.

Mailing address to get your copy:
Toronto Crime Stoppers, 40 College St., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 2J3

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Sex Trafficking Video – Victim Services of York Region

uniformed police officer escorting a sex trafficking victim







This video, produced for Victim Services of York Region, brings attention to the realities of sex trafficking. To quote from their web site:

“While you may not see it and believe it’s a problem in some other community a world away, it’s actually a very real problem right here in our community.”

Be aware. Know the signs. Take action.



Sex Trafficking Video – Survivors Speak

Image of Sex Trafficking Survivor

Image of Cassandra Diamond








7 Myths You’ve Heard About Body Rub Parlours

A compelling case to shut them down

Massage Parlours Exploit Women. Survivors share about the realities of working in licensed body rub parlours in Canada. 7 myths busted! Why is Cassandra Diamond bringing this to your attention? Toronto City Council is examining its current licensing system for Body Rub Parlours and Holistic Centres. But here’s the reality … Regulating sexual exploitation is NOT possible.

Be a voice & take action. This is the reason why our advocacy group is calling for the shutdown of body rub/massage parlours, wellness centres etc., do take a moment to view the following video: “7 myths you’ve heard about body rub parlours”

Made in Canada, it features Casandra Diamond, Founder-Director of Bridge North, a rehabilitation centre based in York Region


Sex Trafficking Video- Awareness and Prevention

In Our Backyard human trafficking image and copy








Unlock Freedom – It Starts with Me

While this video was created by Unlock Freedom to raise awareness and prevention of sex trafficking in the US, its message is powerful … and can easily be applied to what is happening in Canada … in Markham.


Sex Trafficking Article – A Survivor’s Story

Image of Cassandra Diamond








How I was Recruited into Sex Trafficking

Survivor Casandra Diamond reveals Canada’s dark underbelly
by Casandra Diamond, October 18, 2019

“What will be surprising to you is that during the time that I was being trafficked, I was working in licensed massage parlours in Toronto. These are not places where registered massage therapists work, though they may look that way from the outside. Bylaw officers, police and city officials would inspect our facility, and yet it continued to operate”.

How I Was Recruited into Sex Trafficking


Sex Trafficking Article – Government Enablement


image of Cassandra Diamond






Sex trafficking is rampant in Toronto’s city-licensed spas, massage parlours, activists say

CBC News, April 10, 2018

Quote from article: “I remember thinking, ‘These people know about what’s going on, because they’re licensing this, I perceived that [Municipal Licensing and Standards] understood that some guy was hitting me, spitting on me, punching and kicking and slapping. It’s like they knew that these requests were being made and were saying, ‘It’s okay.’


Sex Trafficking Article – Police Intervention


image of York regional Police raid of sex trafficking operatoin






More than 300 charges laid in multi-provincial sex-trafficking operation based in Ontario

CBC News • Posted: Oct 16, 2019

It’s happening in our own backyard. The kingpin of the large criminal organization, Jonathan Nyangwila is a Markham resident.


Sex Trafficking Article – Police Intervention


close up image of lights on a police vehicle






‘Tragic impact’: Police report 72 human trafficking charges laid in Halton and 12 women rescued in last 12 months

October 18, 2019

Ontario is a hub for human trafficking … trend emerging where human sex traffickers make use of Airbnbs. Traffickers search out vulnerable young girls, collect info on their vulnerabilities are, their goals in life … and sell the dream. Once hooked, they are exploited, isolated, abused and threaten.–tragic-impact-police-report-72-human-trafficking-charges-laid-in-halton-and-12-women-rescued-in-last-12-months/


Sex Trafficking Article – Know the Warning Signs


image of missing 15-year-old girl








Toronto family fears for safety of missing 15-year-old daughter

By Joanna Lavoie
Fri., Nov. 8, 2019

We need to raise our awareness of the warning signs of young girls potentially being targeted and groomed for trafficking.


Sex Trafficking Article – Policing Done Right


image of an empty bedroom






Tennessee Named Best in US at Fighting Human Trafficking

If Tennessee can do it, so should we. As quoted in this article:

“Trafficking is a demand-driven crime and that’s why we also will be working to hold buyers and traffickers responsible under some of the toughest laws in the country to send a strong message we will not tolerate this kind of injustice in Tennessee.”

We need governments everywhere to step up to this without the Johns there would be no demand, a more concerted effort to go after these buyers. Let’s make life as tough for them as they have made for these young victims.–565225232.html?fbclid=IwAR06lfUqH-xI2cc658TxdOV9ToIaJERNTrp7H-Qb0JYEzvH2yoSqcwfhRUU


Sex Trafficking Articles – Education Resource


close-up image of a person's hands tied







Sex trafficking awareness course created by local sexual assault support centre is gaining traction

Nov 7, 2019 3:45 PM By: Cali Doran

The average age for entrance into trafficking is 12 to 14. Really young people are affected and it’s important they are educated about what trafficking is, what unhealthy behaviours look like on the part of someone trying to exploit them, and how to navigate social media safely.


Sex Trafficking – What you can do

graphic of a boy from 5 tips from a police officer article












Tips from a Police Officer to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Child Rescue Coalition’s 2018 Investigator of the Year and Fort Lauderdale detective, Robert Mauro works tirelessly to keep kids safe in South Florida. He shared these five tips with Child Rescue Coalition to teach parents how to protect their children from online sexual predators.