Provinces MUST SHUT DOWN Body Rub Parlours!

FACT: Body Rub Parlours Are ILLEGAL!

Since December 2014, Federal law C-36, known as the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, makes it “illegal to earn money by owning, managing or working for a commercial enterprise, such as a strip club, massage parlour or escort agency, knowing that sexual services are purchased there.”

Yet, Municipal Councils and their City Clerk offices continue to license pimps and traffickers thereby generating Millions in revenues for city coffers. They are aiding and abetting in the commission of crimes. The crimes are the procuring of trafficked girls and the purchasing of same.

This PIMPING by local politicians and staff MUST STOP!

Police occasionally arrest BRP operators and lay charges based on complaints from residents or city staff.

Police then decide whether to investigate or not.




FACT: Body Rub Parlours EXPLOIT and ABUSE WOMEN!

7 Myths You’ve Heard About Body Rub Parlours

View this video as survivors share their realities as women who were exploited by their traffickers through the many licensed body rub parlours operating in Canada.

Why are Casandra Diamond and Defend Dignity bringing this video to your attention? Two reasons:

  1. Because their stories make a compelling case for shutting down the body rub parlours as they exploit and abuse women.
  2. Because body rub parlours are licensed by municipal politicians thereby making money from the PIMPS for operating body rub parlours, massage spas & wellness centers (NO Registered Massage Therapists here, friends).

Worse, municipal politicians make additional money by licensing the TRAFFICKED GIRLS who are purchased by the ‘JOHNS’.
Let’s put an end to DOUBLE PIMPING by municipal politicians.




Send an email to the Premier of Ontario at: .aspx

Copy/paste this message: “Premier, get municipal politicians out of the pimping business and shut down body rub parlours NOW!”

Thank you.

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* Many thanks to Casandra Diamond, Founder-Director of Bridge North, a rehabilitation centre based in York Region www
* Many thanks as well to Defend Dignity, based in Mississauga, which exists to end all forms of sexual exploitation in Canada. All involve the selling of sexual services which undermine the dignity of women, men and children and are detrimental to a healthy society.