Our Manifesto header text

The war on our young people continues.
They had dreams for their lives but those are gone.
Their human rights were violated.
Their souls destroyed.
Their lives were taken.
As for the survivors, they face hardships in their efforts to heal and re-integrate.


We believe that all exploited young people need our protection.
We must answer their call for help.
Let’s be at war with the abusers, predators, kidnappers, self-serving politicians, murderous dictators,
the ‘zero-conscience’ capitalists, the traffickers and the killers.
The battle takes place on our streets, in our neighbourhoods, villages, towns and cities.


We are lobbyists.
We are advocates.
Our weapons are Education, Awareness and Prevention.
Let’s empower our young people to flourish.
Let’s free them from oppression.
Join us in protecting them.

Are you in?