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We are a community organization that believes in looking out for each other by looking in on each other.

Join us in protecting our children!

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Call 911 to report instances of child sex trafficking.

If you suspect child trafficking, or would like to learn more and help prevent it, please call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-900-1010.

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Contact Us to Protect Your/Our Children

We are recruiting Markham-area parents to lobby local School Board Trustees, Parent-Teacher Associations and School Principals on behalf of their children and their neighbours’ children. Our goal, and yours, is to have them implement safety-oriented education/awareness programmes during school hours on the very real dangers of child trafficking for sexual and financial gain. These education/awareness programmes are meant for the benefit of our teenage school children and for their parents as parents are our children’s first line of protection. Our colleagues at York Region Police’s Human Trafficking Team are the ones who will be presenting at the sessions.

Here is how we will help you in your lobbying efforts:
a) Letters of introduction to YRDSB personnel as to your role in protecting our children through your involvement in PACT-Markham;
b) 1-page summaries of the education/awareness sessions that will be delivered by YRP’s Human Trafficking Team in order for the school principals and staff to be comfortable in hosting the sessions; and
c) Coaching you in presenting your important cause to YRDSB personnel, knowing that PACT-Markham will attend that meeting with you.



Robert Vallée
PACT Board Member

  • Founder of Markham Seniors and Family Caregivers Coalition! Mom and Dad deserve better care!
  • Founder of Voices of Markham! Events for community activists to rally their neighbours into action.
  • Founder of Speak & Impress! Coaching future great speakers and presenters on an individual basis.



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Abdul Malik
PACT Board Member

  •  A Medical Doctor (MD) 
  • 2018 Markham Mayoral Candidate
  • Founder and CEO of Global Links an Online Marketing and Sales consulting company




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Eric Vallée
PACT Board Member

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John Page
PACT Board Member

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Jean-Yves Lamirande
PACT Board Member

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