The Council of Women Against Sex Trafficking in York Region logoThis Council Embraces a Critical Mandate

Specifically, they lobby Federal and Ontario Ministries, Agencies and Municipalities. They advocate for stronger enhancements and much-needed changes to existing laws. They also advocate for additional education programs in our schools for our young people as well as the creation of new business practices that will deter and/or block the predators’ recruitment of our teenagers.

The Goal

Their goal is to protect teenage girls and boys from being lured, recruited, drugged, kidnapped by predators who then use them as non-consensual sex workers. This Council promotes the importance of heightened personal safety through community and governmental education, awareness and prevention programs that alert our young people to the tactics used by predators online and in person. Those survival strategies are crucial to their safety and well-being.

The Founders

The founding Council members are Shira Kalfa and Kira E. Taylor. As lawyers, creative activists and lobbyists, they call upon their fellow Council members and PACT-Markham colleagues (Parents Against Child Trafficking) to work together in championing the cause that “Our children are NOT for sale!”

Shira Kalfa headshot

Shira Kalfa is founding partner of Kalfa Law, a boutique corporate and commercial firm as well as a tax law firm focused on corporate reorganizations and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.


Kira E. Taylor headshotKira E. Taylor is a fully bilingual lawyer who founded her own firm, Kira E. Taylor Law,  in 2015. She has assisted with matters for all levels of Court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.


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