Robert Vallée

Parents Against Child Trafficking Inc. Founder, Board Chair & CEO

  • Founder of the Council of Women Against Sex Trafficking in York Region
  • Founder of the Coalition of Ontarians Against Commercial Sex Operators




We Embrace a Critical Mandate

Specifically, we lobby Federal and Ontario Ministries, Agencies and Municipalities. We advocate for stronger enhancements and much-needed changes to existing laws and bylaws. We also advocate for additional education programs in our schools for our young people as well as the creation of new business practices that will deter and/or block the predators’ recruitment and sexual exploitation of our teenagers and young women.

Our Goal is Your Goal

Our goal is to protect our teens, our neighbours’ and your friends’ teens from being lured, recruited, drugged, kidnapped by predators who then use them as non-consensual sex workers in hotels, motels, truck stops, body rub parlours, erotic spas, wellness centres, and online porn sites. We promote the importance of heightened personal safety through community and governmental education, awareness and prevention programs that alert our young people to the tactics used by predators online and in person. Those survival strategies are crucial to their safety and well-being.

The Members

We are advocates, communications experts, entrepreneurs, and survivor-restoration specialists. Each one of us is a creative activist and fierce lobbyist. We work together with the goal of making your communities and ours, safety zones that are FREE of human trafficking and sexual exploitation!

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Sign Up!

Become an advocate/activist as part of our Coalition of Ontarians Against Commercial Sex Operators.

Work with us in pressuring our police forces and elected officials to ENFORCE and ABIDE by Canada’s Criminal Code. Specifically, that:
  1. Buying sex from a prostitute is a crime.
  2. Procuring/pimping a prostituted person to a buyer for sex is a crime.
  3. Receiving a financial benefit from selling the sexual services of a prostituted person in a commercial sex-selling establishment is a crime (room fees, DJ music fees, VIP Lounge access fees, percentage of sexual service fee taken from prostitutes by commercial operators).
  4. Advertising offers of prostituted persons to provide sexual services for purchase is a crime.
You can participate in the following ways:
  1. Become a community investigator and reporter of websites on which you view online advertisements that outline the sexual services/Happy Endings that men can buy from prostituted women in erotic spas, body rub parlours, and/or sex-selling wellness/holistic centres in your own community.
  2. ‘Name and Shame’ buyers when you see them enter and/or exit commercial sex-selling establishments. Get their licence plate numbers. Better still, take a photo of the plate. Do not report them to Police. Don’t bother with your Ward Councillor. Report the incidents along with relevant details to C.O.A.C.S.C.O. who will do the follow-up for you and pressure the Police to investigate and lay charges. If your local Police does not lay charges, C.O.A.C.S.O. will file a complaint with Ontario Solicitor General, Michael Kerzner, who is the Minister responsible for Community Safety, including all police forces in the province.
  3. To support you as a C.O.A.C.S.O. member, we will work with you in lobbying your Ward Councillor and Mayor to END their practice of licensing the criminal operators of sex-selling establishments in local retail malls and industrial areas, as well as their licensing of the ‘sex attendants’ (a term used by municipalities) exploited by the criminal operators.
  4. Provide us the name and contact information of your City/Town Clerk (overseer of licensing and bylaw enforcement staff) so that we can ‘educate’ them to the fact that, by issuing licences to commercial sex-selling operators, they are aiding and abetting criminals in financially and sexually exploiting women. With that information, C.O.A.C.S.O. will report the Clerk’s actions to the Minister of Municipalities and the Solicitor General.
  5. Sign up for our frequent updates from C.O.A.C.S.O.’s CEO, Robert Vallée.
  6. Make a donation* (electronically) to help us cover our many expenses (fees such as legal, accounting, website hosting, production, upkeep, graphic design, Freedom of Information (FOI) fees that we must pay Police Forces in order to get information on prostitution/sex-trafficking-related crimes and number of victims involved, etc. NO SALARIES! ALL VOLUNTEERS!

*We are an incorporated, not-for-profit organization operating under the name of Parents Against Child Trafficking Inc. We are members of the Ontario’s Lobbyists Registry (Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario). We are NOT a charity. No donation receipts are issued.

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