Sarah Choujounian’s Story!

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The healing journey is known to be extremely messy & difficult, which is the reason why so many never step into it, but the rewards it brings are absolutely 1000% worth it.

To get to where I’m at, I had to go through all the difficult times. If I hadn’t become an addict, if I hadn’t begged at the subway & sold drugs to support my addictions as a teenager, if I hadn’t been repeatedly assaulted & abused, if I hadn’t married an abusive man, if I hadn’t had to raise 3 kids on my own…I wouldn’t be who I am today…all the character traits that I love in myself, the caring, the resilience, the strength & the leadership, all these traits came from or were perfected going through the darkness.

But most importantly, if I hadn’t decided that I deserved and wanted a better life for myself and my kids…I would definitely not be we’re I am today

Today, I have no regrets & I’m proud of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. I wouldn’t change any of it. When I started my healing journey, I had a vision that I would turn my pains into gains for myself & others so I founded “Lighting Up Dark Corners” to empower survivors to heal & rise & to bring awareness to child sexual abuse.

Here I am a few years into my sobriety, 55lbs lighter with just about no more symptoms of fibromyalgia & the best part of all…my vision is coming to a reality.

Sarah Choujounian: I’m proud to have finally published my first online course “How To Protect Your Kids From Sexual Abuse”. If you are a parent or have kids that you love in your life, don’t miss out on educating yourself on this topic. This course will teach you all that is necessary to prevent your child from being abused, what to do if a child does get abused, how to report it to the authorities & also how to be a supportive parent to ensure victims recover as best as possible. $14.99 CDN.

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