girl crying with wrists tied

Rose Molinelli-Nicholls
November 26 at 7:34 AM

Girls please be safe. There are some horrible people out there trying to lure you away and harm you. They drug you, hold you captive and sell you for sex. Please be careful who you trust. They look for emotionally needy teenagers and promise them things, give them gifts, drive them places, buy them stuff. Then they lure them, drug them and you are then held captive. Don’t go, don’t trust and don’t be alone. Walk with your friends and don’t meet people from the internet. Be very wary of people who hang around you that you don’t know from school.

Sometimes the little bit older guys or girls are used to bait you in. They’ll start hanging out in places you hang out, like maybe a park or something. BE CAREFUL. Please, your life depends on it. Every girl it happens to thinks it will never happen to them, but it did and it does.

Parents talk to your kids about this. Make them aware, teach them how to be suspicious of others around them. Talk to them about street safety when they are out walking to and from school or friends’ houses or such. Teach them how to be observant, keep their heads out of their phones so they are alert eyes up looking around. Something feels funny it is. Someone makes you uncomfortable, run, scream, call attention. Walk in well lit areas AGAINST the flow of the traffic. If a car ever slows down, run like hell and go to a store, some place open, and start to get ready to call 911.

NEVER walk in or through a park alone at night. Even in the daytime don’t go on trails alone make sure a lot of people are around you.

Just because that cute guy talks to you and offers you a ride or wants to meet up from Snapchat or Facebook or tinder – DON’T go. It could be the last time you are seen alive. They will fill your head with all sorts of wonderful things, tell you how beautiful you are and how they love how you look. And support you if you have an argument with your family, tell you that you are right and they are there to talk to. They may offer to meet you for coffee or something.

Be careful. Don’t go. Never go.


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