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  • Strip Clubs
  • Erotic Spas
  • Gentlemen’s Clubs
  • Escort Agencies
  • Adult Lounges
  • Body Rub Parlours
  • Wellness/Holistic Centres That Specialize in ‘HAPPY ENDINGS’!


  1. Because it is ILLEGAL to earn money by owning, managing, or working for a commercial enterprise that sells sexual services (Criminal Code Section 286.2). And,
  2. Bring an end to the sexual, financial, and violent exploitation of women taking place in commercial sex establishments that are licensed by our municipal politicians.

How can you help?

READ the message below and email it, in ONE email, to the 4 PC leaders of the Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy. They are:

-Premier Doug Ford
-Attorney General for Ontario Doug Downey
-Solicitor General for Ontario Michael Kerzner, and
-Minister for Children, Community & Social Services Michael Parsa

Here’s the important message you are sending them:

“Dear Premier and Cabinet Members, I ask that your government strengthen your Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy by enabling women to exit the exploitative business of prostitution in commercial establishments throughout the province.

Here’s how:

  • Firstly, declare an end to ALL commercial sex-selling establishments in Ontario.
    Amend Section 154 of the Ontario Municipal Act and put commercial sex-selling owners and operators out of business.
  • Secondly, stop Ontario Mayors and their Councils from collecting licensing fees from the women who are sexually, financially, and violently exploited by the owners/operators, pimps, advertisers, and buyers of sex.
  • Thirdly, establish a fund for the benefit of the women who were forced to pay licensing fees as sex attendants to the municipalities across the province, going from January 1-2015 to present day, plus interest and a big penalty fee.”

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